Meteor Shower

“Perseid meteor shower and the milky way…”
by craigletourneau on Deviantart

Somewhere on the vast internet, I found a writing prompt which said: write a short story which ends with a meteor shower. I instantly came up with this, and I wrote it down, without much thought or revision.

“I’m bored”, said Lindsay.

“Me too”, John agreed. “What could we do?”

“I’m a bit hungry. Let’s go eat something.”

“I’m not going to the same diner again. It’s draining the life out of me!”

“But they have the best food”, John shrugged, and Lindsay stayed quiet.

They were sitting in the park. The grass underneath their feet was green and soft, but they decided to sit on the bench. The swing set before them was empty. It was too late for children to play but it was just the right moment for the moon to paint it light blue. Moonlight hugged the park softly, caressing the leaves in the trees and the grass on the ground.

“We can go somewhere else”, said John.

“Where?” Lindsay sounded irritated.

“I don’t know, it’s you who was complaining”, he was becoming irritated, too.

A sparrow flew by, looking for some food – children always leave traces of their snacks all around the park. Another sparrow landed next to it. They looked at each other for a second, grabbed a crumble, a flew away together.

“There’s that new place, I’m not sure what it’s called…”

“You mean Hannah’s? It’s not that new. And not that good anyway.”

“Well it’s all I can think of.”

The park was dark, so if Lindsay and John looked at the sky they would be able to see thousands of stars. The more you look, the more stars you see, and they look back at you, making you shine from the inside, just as they flicker on the outside.

“Ok. Let’s go there”, they agreed.

It was the night of a magical meteor shower and it seemed as if the stars were now falling, ready to fulfil every wish a human mind could think of. More beautiful that any firework, they burned through the night sky. Lindsay and John didn’t raise their heads. They walked away from the park. If they’d noticed the falling stars, what would they have wished for?