Quote for Thought: Just Kids by Patti Smith


…you could feel a vibration in the air, a sense of hastening. It had started with the moon, inaccessible poem that it was. Now men had walked upon it, rubber treads on a pearl of the gods. Perhaps it was an awareness of time passing, the last summer of the decade. Sometimes I just wanted to raise my hands and stop. But stop what? Maybe just growing up.

I’ve recently finished Just Kids by Patti Smith, a memoir about her youth and life with Robert Mapplethorpe. This book made me smile, but it mostly made me cry. I usually experience my emotions inwardly, but this time I actually cried. It’s a book about two people about my age, even younger, and what they have gone through in their search for artistic life is both sad and admirable. I can’t imagine experiencing everything that they did, and compared to theirs my life’s been quite easy. Still, I could understand them and sympathise with their story and emotional turmoils. Certain aspects of the story reflected some of the things I’ve been through, however far-fetched that might sound. Some doubts and questions they had are the same as those that I’ve often asked myself. It’s interesting to enter the mind of someone so different from you and still find traces of yourself. The experiences may be world apart, but emotions are always similar.

Obviously, it’s a book about art and artists. But even more so, it’s a book about life itself, about growing up, being happy and being hurt, about personal growth and maturing which never stops and can never be completed. It’s about finding yourself. It’s also about the ever-changing concepts of love and friendship which escape any definition. Life is complex and erratic, and this books portrays it beautifully. Life can get scary, and growing-up may seem unachievable or even unwelcome. At this point in my life, I realize that being an adult just means pretending to be one (and I admit I’m not good at it). No one truly grows up. It’ a process without end.

Everything distracted me, but most of all myself.


8 thoughts on “Quote for Thought: Just Kids by Patti Smith

  1. Hi,
    Adulthood is definitely a never-ending journey. It’s true what Frank Sinatra sang about staying young at heart. I still play games, act goofy… Embrace it!
    I’m Janice. I’m glad you liked my article at Chris’s site about how to connect Twitter and your website. Pleased to meet you.

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    1. Well it depends what you consider “growing up” I think. I just wanted to say that we change all the time and we are more childish than what we thought we would be. At least that’s how I see it xD


  2. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention. I love both Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith separately.
    The iconic photo he took of her with unshaved armpits, on her album cover, prompted all us girls not to shave ours. I remember going to New Romantics party in a ball-gown. The dress looked out of place with hairy arm-pits, so I dyed the hairs blue. I had many compliments, but that night it ruined all my bedding.

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