Quote for Thought: Lestat


Who cares? Kingdoms rise and fall. Just don’t burn the paintings in the Louvre, that’s all.

Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

I think that my love for vampires was quite obvious on this blog. I even wrote an entire post about fictional vampires which you can check out here if you want to.

Anyway, this obsession started with Lestat. Not the one from the books though, and not even the Tom Cruise version, but the Lestat from The Queen of the Damned film. Yes, I know, the film is quite bad, but for fourteen-year-old me it was the best thing ever, and I still adore the soundtrack. Then the books came and my obsession was sealed. So, I decided that I should honour Lestat with at least a short little post.

For me, Lestat was, and is, a perfect anti-hero. He is a reminiscent of the Romantic, Byronic hero, who acts because he is bored. He is also curious, and has a strong desire to learn and understand the world. And in the end, he appreciates art in all of its forms. The Vampire Lestat is my favourite book from The Vampire Chronicles mostly because of Lestat’s complexity. And this quote decribes him the best. Lestat would rather see the world burn than be bored, he regards people as weak and corrupted, but still sees humanity as something precious. He loves his immortality but grieves for some aspects of mortal life. He wants to feel, even if it means he would get hurt. He loves to enjoy beauty and to experience art.

All of this is contained in this short quote. This quote is Lestat.

4 thoughts on “Quote for Thought: Lestat

  1. I love this quote, but my favorite Lestat one is where he talks to Armand’s coven in The Vampire Lestat and says “the old mysteries have given way to a new style. There’s no romance in what you are. There is great romance in what I am!” I feel like that sums him up so well.

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  2. This is a wonderful post about the beauty and reality of character, Rice’s skill is in transforming an inspiration into a real being that we can admire, wonder about, and remember for years. Lestat can exist in our experience no less than the people that we define as “real.” In that way, he is alive.

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    1. I agree! I like characters like Lestat, characters which seem present and alive, in a way that they are not purely good or evil. Everything Lestat does reflects his character and makes you think: “yes, that is exactly what Lestat would do” but he can still surprise you.

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