The Story of Brighilda

the story of brighilda

I thought I’d share another snippet from my work-in-progress. This is my attempt at creating a mythology of the world from my novel, and I tried to make it sound like a real myth, not exactly realistic or completely logical. 

In the old times, the land was inhabited by trolls. They were mostly small, chubby creatures, mischievous but not evil. However, there was also a race of malicious giant trolls, who lived in the mountains, and they were so strong that even the gods feared them.

One day, a giant troll threatened the gods to destroy their land, the wonderful Meadows, unless they convince the warrior goddess Brighilda to be his bride. Brighilda did not want to submit to the troll’s request, and she said that the gods should fight the giant rolls. The gods, however, did not want to start a battle that would cost them many lives, and they ordered her to marry the giant troll. They took away her magical sword, Aiobheann, so that she could not oppose them. The only one who supported her was her brother, Aylill, the god of the rivers. Together, they came with a plan for her to escape the unwanted marriage.

On the day of the wedding, Brighilda pleaded the troll to allow her to wash her hair in the river. The troll did not allow it, but he ordered a bucket of water to be collected from the river and brought to Brighilda. He did not know that Aylill had taken Brighilda’s sword and thrown it into the river. Since the river was Aylill’s faithful servant, it made the sword invisible to the trolls, so they unknowingly collected it together with the water and brought it Brighilda. Once she had her sword, Brighilda was invincible. She slayed all the trolls, and the rest were drowned in the overflowing river. From that day on, there were no giant trolls in the entire world.

When Brighilda returned to the Meadows, the gods begged her to forgive them, and they never dared to oppose her again.