Hidden in the Dark (Theo’s Perspective)

Celestine said my father was responsible for the fire in the factory. He was to blame for her mother’s death. She called him a murderer. I didn’t believe her.

Two powerful families run our city – mine and Celestine’s. Two families in constant war, and two children falling in love. This may sound as a Romeo and Juliet kind of story, but I doubt Celestine and I would die for each other anymore. And I doubt our families would bury the hatchet at our graves. In real life, love sometimes fades away. This time, it died because I couldn’t accept the truth. But I know now that I was wrong.

My hatred for my father only grew as he decided to ruin my sister’s life. I don’t even want to think about that because the anger inside of me would threaten to explode, and I can’t allow that to happen, at least not yet. To destroy my father, I have to get close to him first. That’s why I accepted to work with him in the Ministry. I hate being around him, and around his slimy advisers who are willing to do just anything to keep their positions. It’s hard for me to pose as one of them, but it’s something I have to do. And now, trouble came just when I needed it and I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

“We found him, sir”, the general said.

“You found Eric Leigh?” I could barely believe my luck. If the general went directly to my father with this information I would lose this advantage.

“Yes, we found the location of his safe house. Do you want to inform the ministers?”

“No, leave it to me. We must be certain, and we do not want to raise attention”, and I want to get to Leigh first.

Eric Leigh was the only person who could make the two ministers to work together, something that even their children couldn’t achieve. Born from a good idea, Eric Leigh became a monster. Monsters inevitably give birth to other monsters. From an early age, Leigh hated how the Ministry functioned. He saw how unfair it was that all the power was in the hands of two families, or more specifically, two men who were allowed to as they pleased. He formed a sort of resistance, but he went too far. Leigh chose no means in his attempts to destroy the current state of affairs. Many innocent people were killed. And then, the army shot Leigh whose body was then taken by his remaining followers. Or so everyone thought.

Leigh came back.

And now, it was up to me to catch him. I knew that as a member of the Ministry I had to protect my people, even if it meant to put aside my personal problems.

Yes, I know you’ll think I’m completely crazy. I can already hear you judging me. But this is what I did – I sneaked into Eric Leigh’s safe house on my own. I’m just one person, so I concluded it would be hard to notice me. I did it during the night. I hid in the shadows surrounding the wooden barracks where Leigh was supposed to be hiding. It felt almost too easy. And then I noticed that there were no lights in any of the windows. The place looked abandoned. It was easier for me to hide in this complete darkness, but it felt unusual. I came closer and saw two guards at the door of the first barrack. I couldn’t escape the feeling that something was wrong. I tried to make a few more steps, when a hand grabbed me. Complete darkness fell before my eyes. Someone covered my head. I was trapped.

The next thing I saw was a beautiful villa made of white stone. This was Leigh’s real safe house.

“Walk!” a guard pushed me.

There were three of them. They tied my hands and I was forced to follow them into the house. For a safe house, it looked quite fancy and not easy to miss. On the inside, it was even more impressive, with long hallways covered in marble, under the soft light of crystal chandeliers. For a person who hated authority, Leigh strangely enjoyed the high life. I guess he was a cliché after all, a person who fights the powerful only to become one of them.

No, I couldn’t allow myself to get lost in my thoughts. I had to concentrate. I had to survive this.

“Look who we found, sneaking on our false location”, a guard said and pushed me so hard I almost fell down.

This was the first time I saw Eric Leigh, but I had no doubt it was him. He was famous for his hair which turned grey when he was still practically a boy. Besides all the crazy killing, of course. Leigh’s hair was actually more silver than grey, and it didn’t make him look old.

“Theo Reming”, he looked me straight in the eyes. It was hard for me not to look away from his piercing stare, but I had to be strong. “How easy you were to catch. Fell into the trap, just like that.”

“Do you think I’m stupid?” I smiled victoriously, even though my feet trembled.

His expression lost a bit of its pride.

“I would not just walk into your safe house like that for no reason”, I said.

“Then what were you doing?”

“I wanted to be caught. I wanted to speak to you.”

Leigh was intrigued. I felt more confident now.

“I want to join you.”

You didn’t expect me to say that, didn’t you? The idiot will trust me, I know that now. I will use him. I have a plan, a difficult one, with so many things that could go wrong, but I know it might work. In the end, I will destroy Leigh. But most importantly, Leigh will help me destroy the one I hate most. He will get me my father’s head.

The city of Cyron is divided in two parts, one governed by the Reming family and the other by the Thorne family. The characters from this city have lived for quite a while in my head. Now, I decided to give life to them, and write short stories from different perspectives, but I hope they would still work as separate short stories. It’s kind of a new project of mine. We’ll see what becomes of it. XD

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