Looking into Her Eyes (Gideon’s perspective)

I look into her soft amber eyes and I know my revenge is near.

She smiles at me and I feel sorry for her. None of it is her fault. I don’t understand why she married a man so horrible as Maximillan Reming, but I guess she had no choice. She doesn’t seem to belong in the Reming family. Even her children have their father’s icy blue eyes, the cold eyes of a murderous predator whose only purpose in life is to slaughter his victims.

My wife was one of them. Prey which escaped Maximillian’s bony fingers. He couldn’t accept that she chose me. She was promised to him, and he even bought her an expensive diamond ring. She couldn’t say no to him. No one ever said no to a Reming. Except maybe for a Thorne.

When we met, we new right away that we were meant to be. And I was never a romantic type. My dear Alessia, if only I never asked you for that dance, never begged you to escape with me, leave the ballroom and enjoy the night. If only you said no. Then, you would still be alive. Maximillan’s wife, but alive.

I would give anything to bring you back, but I know that’s impossible. Maximillan caused that cursed fire, and you were gone, forever. I see you in our daughter, our lovely Celestine. She looks a lot like you and I love her with all my heart. But I still cannot escape this anger that’s boiling inside of me. I still seek revenge.

I hope you can forgive the woman in my bed. Eliana Reming took the role you never wanted, by Maximillian’s side. She is innocent and fragile. You know how terrifying he is even better than I do. You understand that Eliana, too, wants to escape. She looks at me like I’m her saviour. She knows about my sorrow, but can’t see that I’m bitter and vengeful.

Maximillian took my wife away from me, and now I’m taking his. Eliana is mine.

She smiles at me and I smile back.

I look into her soft amber eyes and I know I’m falling in love.

Gideon Thorne is Celestine Thorne’s father. If you are interested in other characters, here are the links to their stories:

Alexandra Reming

Theo Reming

Celestine Thorne

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