Once upon a time,
A human rose to walk the Earth,
But didn’t know what it was.

Answers came without an invite:
Human was told it was a She,
And there were others who were He.

So human learned to be a She.
And She was told how to play,
What to enjoy and what to desire.

Then they spoke of the colour of the skin,
Power and money, jobs, borders, sex.
Humans are just animals, people are categories.

She was told what to do,
Because that was the way to learn,
And She acted accordingly.

Then, one day, lightning struck,
Through Her body which now felt strange
Made Her conscious of Her skin.

The spark of wisdom, of being aware,
Played tricks on Her memory.
She remembered her life as a human vividly.

Between the instinct and the learned
She didn’t know what was the truth.
Between it all, who was She?

Lies, lies, all they said!
We are rules, but we are freedom,
We are both but we are neither.

13 thoughts on “Human

  1. Powerful verses… and a great tribute to those women who struggle against lies, among other stuff…
    These verses truly resonated with me
    Between the instinct and the learned
    She didn’t know what was the truth.
    Between it all, who was She?…
    Thanks for sharing. Sending best wishes. Aquileana β˜€οΈ


  2. This was a pretty powerful poem. Self-discovery, and then pushed to conformity…. and then She lost who She was through it all. Makes me want to reassure Her and tell her she can be who She wants to be.


    1. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ I just thought about different things that define us and how all of it is and at the same time isn’t us. We people are very complex, but as you said, let us hope that we can find what we can truly call “ourselves” among all of it. πŸ™‚


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