Be Crazy to Be Kind (Theo’s perspective)

So, did you miss me? Do you want to know what’s happened since the last time we talked?

Maybe I should stop talking to myself. Narrating your own life cannot be healthy. But embracing the madness is sometimes just what you need.

Anyway, not much happened, except for that one important thing. And the fact that I’ve become a murderer.

First, let me say that Eric Leigh and I have agreed on a very simple plan. He wants to destroy the ministers, my father is one of them; I’ve got the information, he’s got the means.

“But why should I trust you?” he asked me. “Why would you want to destroy your own father?”

“I have a reason much purer than yours,” I replied. “I want revenge.”

Leigh smiled knowingly. He decided to trust me.

It won’t be possible to realize the plan soon, but it isn’t hard for me to wait. I’ve never been of the impulsive kind. I felt calm, for the first time in months. But with a father like mine, I should’ve known I was not supposed to feel that lucky.

I came home yesterday, and wanted to see my sister. Alexandra had told me the day before that she was in love with Ryder Thorne, a self-proclaimed rock star and a completely unreliable guy if you ask me, and I hadn’t reacted well. I wanted to apologize to her. Even if she’s making a mistake, it’s her mistake to make. I shouldn’t treat her like father does, and keep her locked up at home.

I went to Alex’s room and knocked. She wasn’t there. If she had gone out, she would’ve told me, so that I could cover for her and make sure father didn’t notice. I started to fear that she was too angry at me to ask for help. I decided to wait in the living room and hoped she would arrive soon. As I was passing though the hallway, father appeared and got in my way.

“If you’re looking for Alexandra, she’s not here,” he said without being asked. He was proud of his words. He wanted me to know what had happened.

“What have you done?” I started to panic.

“She’s with her fiancé. I told him to take her with him.”

I felt a strong urge to grab him by the neck and squeeze. But I didn’t have the time for that.

“How did you convince her to go,” I hissed.

“Tybolt is much stronger than our little Alex. What could she do? You see, things always go the way I want them to. Alexandra is going to marry the man I want her to marry.”

“She’s your daughter! And she hates Tybolt!” I screamed. “You will suffer for this!”

I ran out of the house. I knew exactly what to do, but I needed help. Tybolt had guards, just like the rest of so-called important people in this horrid city. There was no one I could trust, except maybe one person. A person who, supposedly, loved my sister.

Ryder Thorne was shocked to see me at his door.

He lived alone, in an apartment that was actually only a room. But I had to put my feelings aside and act.

“It’s about Alex,” I said.

“Look, Theo, I really care for her. You don’t have to worry…”

“If you’re telling the truth, you’ll help me save her, even if it’s dangerous.”

“Save her!? What’s going on?”

It seems that Ryder does love my sister. When I gave him a gun, his hand trembled. I was glad to notice that, it meant that he wasn’t dangerous, and at the same time it meant that I would be able to hurt him if needed. Anyway, we went to Tybolt’s house. Everything happened so fast, and it’s hard for me to remember the details. Ryder was supposed to get caught breaking in. The guard who stood at the entrance took him in, to inform his employer. I waited for a few minutes, and managed to get into the house easily. I followed the voices to the room where Tybolt was, with my sister. Alex remained calm. She was trying to convince Tybolt to let Ryder go. It was time for me to do what I came to do. With fingers clenched tightly around the handle of my gun, I broke into the room.

All the thoughts disappeared from my mind. I heard myself say: Let my sister go! And I heard Tybolt laugh. I saw Alex’s eyes begging me to leave. I noticed Ryder’s confusion; he wanted me to tell him what to do next. I fired. The guard fell to the floor.

“I told you I’d kill you if you even think of touching her!” I said, pointing my gun to Tybolt.

“Theo, please, let’s just talk,” he was scared, and I loved it. The power was in my hands and it felt liberating.

“Get on the floor!” I ordered.

Tybolt kneeled like a puppet whose strings I could pull as it pleased me. I could just take Alex and go, but Tybolt would want to cure his wounded pride. I had just killed a man and witnesses meant trouble. Also, I really wanted to do it. I fired again. It was easier than you would think.

I looked at Alex and found her confused and terrified. I always wanted to protect her from everything, but I never knew I would one day have to protect her from myself. I had to fix the situation, but I needed time.

“Take her with you,” I said to the frightened Ryder Thorne. “I’ll come for her tomorrow, but you have to make sure she’s safe until then.”

He nodded, but couldn’t say a word. He embraced Alex and they remained motionless for a while. United.

I had to let Alex go with Ryder until I talk to Eric Leigh. Only he could help me and I hoped he would. After all, he needed me. I couldn’t wait for the morning to come and now that it’s here I am without words. What am I supposed to say to Leigh? How to even begin a conversation like this?

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