Puss in Boots


No one takes notice
Of one little kitty
Easy to trick you
Oh, what a pitty!

I do what I want
I never obey
I can walk upright
Now what do you say?

The littlest things
Have the power of will
I don’t play with yarn
I dress to kill.

In boots I walk
To make you see
That you should never
Make fun of me.

A silly little poem today, it was so fun to write. XDĀ 

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

15 thoughts on “Puss in Boots

  1. The best poems are the fun ones. I loved how this ‘little’ kitty grew in stature, and more with the boots, as did the ‘little’ write. Lovely ode to the kitty, who, if given thumbs, who knows what they might achieve lol. They certainly do not need us!

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  2. That was soooooo cute! (An exclamation that under the circumstances would probably get me scratched in indignation…) Have you heard the Cheshire Kitten song? It’s got some similar ideas. I think you might like it. šŸ˜€

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