Going to Ireland :)

So, just a little update from me. Tomorrow morning I’m going on a trip to Ireland! Yaaay! Anyway, this means I’ll be absent from my blog for eight days. I might still have some time to browse my Reader page, but not as much… I promise to bring you some pictures! 🙂

I’m leaving you with a couple of photos from my previous trip, to Scotland. Enjoy the loveliness:

Colourful Edinburgh.
Beautiful Edinburgh.
Castle in the distance.
Magical nature.

8 thoughts on “Going to Ireland :)

  1. Ahh, so you were in my beautiful home town of Edinburgh! I do hope you liked it and I do hope you’ll come back! Thank you for the support you give my poetry. I really like what you do on your site. If you come back to Edinburgh I’d love to buy you coffee and perhaps show you the Scottish Poetry Library or suchlike… 🙂

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