The Sunflower and the Worm

Image courtesy of Pixomar at
Image courtesy of Pixomar at

“Why do you always hide in the ground?” the Sunflower asked the Worm.

“It is my home”, the Worm replied.

“Such a sad home it is, so dark and cold! I pity you for I spend my days proudly, facing the brilliant Sun.”

“No, it is I who pity you”, grumbled the Worm. “For the Sun blinds you and you can’t see that life isn’t always bright.”

“You envy me”, smiled┬áthe Sunflower.

“How could I envy you, when you have nowhere to hide?” asked the worm.

“What would I hide from? The world is so beautiful and full of splendour, so why hide when you can live?”

The Worm did not reply, but crawled into the ground, thinking how stupid the yellow flower was.

And so they lived, one in the sun and the other in the ground, but it was hard to say who truly lived in the light and who was in the dark. The world didn’t care, it just went on. Many sunflowers and worms lived before these two, and many more will live after them, each in their own way – the best way they know.